All companies which aspire to succeed must inevitably aim to growth and expansion.
Last year SAE has increased its business in a way never before achieved, thanks to some effective strategies – including expansion on the foreign markets.
We have indeed established a successful partnership with a Greek company for the transport of wind turbines with Nordex N110 and N117 types, to which we have contributed with our Blade Lifter. A total of 24 exceptional transports, planned from the first to the last detail and carried out flawlessly even in front of some unforeseen events.

The first obstacle was indeed represented by the great distance to be covered with the imposing material we moved: the Gavrovo/Chionaki wind farm, the final destination of our transports, is in fact 85 km from the storage area.
Then, we had to deal with the impossibility of stopping in rest areas during the journey; plus, other factors to consider were the enormous amount of telephone / electric cables to be reckoned with, and the passage through several small villages – however carried out with the utmost caution and in full success.

This hard but satisfying challenge has brought to SAE a certain resonance on the international scene. Thanks to our impressive Blade Lifters, we have partnered with one of the largest transport companies in the world: Mammoet, with which  this year we will begin transports for the construction of a vast wind farm in Norway.

This project is bound to be very challenging for several reasons:
– deliveries must arrive in a place not really connected with civilization, therefore through difficoult roads;
– the climatic differences vary heavily: due to the different duration of the hours of light / dark in northern Europe, our working days will be held during 22 hours a day of light and only 2 of darkness.
All this, in order to complete the impeccable delivery of a Siemens Gamesa wind turbine, 63.00 meters long and weighing about 20.00 tons.
It is without doubt the largest ever transported by our society!

…and what about Italy?
Last year, SAE transported more than 100 wind turbines throughout the country, supporting deliveries to many different wind farms and also different types of turbines, for customers such as: Siemens Gamesa, Vestas, Nordex.
The wind farms we have contributed to supply are located in various regions of Italy: Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily.

Our future looks bright… yet, heavy to transport!

The SAE Blade Lifter