Our Fleet

S.A.E. s.r.l. works in ordinary and exceptional transport throughout Italy and Europe. SAE s.r.l. is highly specialized in the transport of wind turbine components since 2001.


We have 2 available Scheuerle Blade Lifter especially dedicated to supply components to wind farms


Our truck fleet includes 2, 3 and 4 axle tractor trailers.


Our fleet of modular trailers includes various types of modular configurations to suit every need.


Our Trailers fleet includes semitrailers with telescopic beams, 3 axles, extendable up to 47 meters; semi-trailers with telescopic beams, 3 axles, extendable up to 35 m; self-loading semi-trailer, “Octopus”, 3 + 7 axles; semi-trailers 2 + 4 axles with telescopic beams extendable up to 4.30 m and extendable up to 25m; semi-trailer with telescopic beams, 5 axes, extendable up to 27 m; semitrailer with telescopic beams, 6 axes, extendable up to 23 m; lowered semi-trailers, 4 axles, with extendable beams up to a maximum length of 20 m; semi-trailer with telescopic beams, 2 + 5 configurable axes, max extensible length 32 m; low-bed semi-trailers; telescopic flatbed semitrailers 3 axles extendable up to 35 m; telescopic semi-trailers with 3 axles extendable up to 47m; modular semitrailer (3 modular groups for a total of 8 axles) with central loading floor; modular 7-axle semitrailer configurable in various self-loading solutions; telescopic semi-trailers with 3 telescopic axles extendable up to 20m; low-bed trailers with 3 & 4 axles; 3-axle flatbed semitrailers.

S.S. 106 Jonica Km. 482
Località Marina Di Ferrara
74016 Massafra (TA)
P.IVA 02167840731


Tel. +39 099 4751818
Fax + 39 099 4751728

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