Discover our services to organize and carry out exceptional transports not only in Italy but also throughout Europe and more.


Offering a quality service also means taking care of every aspect that allows us to perform an exceptional transport in the best way even on less comfortable routes.
S.A.E. s.r.l. it has a large fleet of technical escort veichles with qualified personnel on board, with regular license issued by the State Police. Each vehicle is equipped with flashing lights, automatic and luminous opening panels, road signs used in emergencies, as required by the law art.10 of the CDS D.Lgs 285 of 04/30/1992.


A feasibility study is a crucial step we take before carrying out every exceptional transport. We go through location and materials inspections and we take extensive photographic documentation thanks to which we are able to better design each transport and foresee any unforeseen events along the route that could slow down the transport itself.


The S.A.E. s.r.l. boasts a considerable experience in wind turbines exceptional transports. In fact, since the creation of the first wind farm in Gorgoglione (MT) in 2001, our company has grown exponentially by investing more and more in this sector, purchasing state-of-the-art vehicles.

We are able to manage many different components: wind turbines, blades and every other large piece of equipment or machinery you need to move.


Our expertise in the field of transport / movement of loads of an exceptional nature is our specialty. We rely on our fleet which allows us to transfer large equipments or machinery such as: tanks, operating machines, transformers, etc., plus elements of heavy weight and size even up to 300 tons.


Our outstanding experience in the transport of industrial goods and wind farm components has led us to invest in means of communication and top-notch training for our staff, to carry out international transport throughout Europe and also in North Africa.

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Località Marina Di Ferrara
74016 Massafra (TA)
P.IVA 02167840731


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