What happened at the Wind On-shore Business during 2019?

Let’s take a look:


1. Worldwide Road Survey

During the last year 2019, we have been involved in the execution of various Road surveys and feasibility studies worldwide. Thanks to the professionalism and strong collaboration with our clients, we have found and developed different solutions to inactive Wind Farms, revaluing and making those available where no other competitor of us had certified the feasibility at the exceptional transports.

The reactivated Wind Farms ranging from Spain to Ireland, up to Armenia, favoring customers who can renegotiate and/or rethink their investments with greater certainties and guarantees than in the past.


2. Sørfjord, Norway


Sørfjord, Norway- The wind farm location 

Last year 2019, have been a success for our team S.A.E., after closing one of the most challenging and articulated project from different point of views. As already announced into the previous E-news, we have been taken part at the Wind Farm of Sørfjord in Norway, with the Blade Lifter, delivering B63 Siemens Gamesa Wind Blade of 63,00 mt long and 17,00 tons heavy.


Blade Lifter - Wind Farm in Norway, Sørfjord.


Design and Delivering of Sørfjord Wind Farm

There have been delivered 27 wind blades along a tortuous and very challenging route with tight twelve curves with a total distance of 5 km, having a max uphill slope of 18%. As you can imagine, the road developed in a fabulous scenario for the only scope of delivering the project, have vigorously tested our staff taking out all our own experience, professionalism, determination to deliver the Wind blades with no damages. It has been an enormous success to confront our selves, to work, and to improve in such an important reality, made by different relevant companies internationally.


Blade Lifter in Norway


3. 2019 On-shore Italian Market and 2020’s forecast

The 2019 has registred a small flection compared to 2018. The Italian on-shore market for 2020 and the next years will again have a positive trend looking at the 5GW to install.

We will actively be participating in the development of the market, delivering dozens of Road Surveys aimed at studying the various wind farms under construction.  We are quite positive, and we expect a demanding and satisfying future that will take to the world of green energy, positive benefits.